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New Utsav Caterers are delighted to offer you our complete catering services. We are very proud that a substantial percentage of our business is from recommendations and regular customers. We believe that our expertise and attention to detail from our excellent food, to the professionalism of our service is second to none. We look forward to being of service to you for your forthcoming function.


Delicacy of Mutton Sahi-Korma
First boiled the meat with onion, garlic dust of red chilly then at the half of the time vegetables like capsicum, whole onion & tomato are cooked. Then the gravy is mixed up with curds of posto, charmagoz (seeds of pumpkin) & pasted cashew nuts.


Delicacy of Vetki Whole-Fish
The whole fish is boiled with taking one of the shells of fish then stuffed with kima, shrimps & chicken lever. The gravy is baked with onion & the extracts of tomatoes. Then the whole fish is decorated by (replacing the shells with mulo) tomato & carrot. The dish is ready to serve.


u *Mock Tails
u Aam Panna
u Jaljira
u Thandai
u Rasam
u Kashmiri Tea
u Masala Tea


u Spring Roll
u Mushroom Stick
u Paneer Shashlik
u Tandoori Aloo
u Gobhi Grilled
u Veg. Kabab
u Fish Tikka
u Chicken Lollypop
u Chicken Malai Tikka
u Shami Kabab


u Korai Shuti Kochuri
u Fish Kochuri
u Chingri Kochuri
u Mutton Kochuri

nON-VEG Preparations
u Vetki Fish Fry
u Vetki Fish Roll (Stuffed with Shrimp)
u Vetki Fish Butter Fry
u Vetki Fish Kobiraji
  u Vetki Fish Paturi
u Vetki Fish Chilli Fish


Fish Preparation   Prawn Preparation

u Bhapa Elish
u Shorsho Elish
u Doi Maach
u Rehu Kalia


u Chingri Malai Curry
u Daab Chingri
u Mocha Chingri
u Lau Chingri

Chicken Preparation with Broiler   Mutton (Goat Meat)

u Chicken Shahi Korma
u Chicken Rizala
u Chicken Jalfraizi
u Chicken Handiwala
u Chicken Dahiwala
u Chicken Hariyali


u Mutton Shahi Korma                   
u Mutton Palak (Spinag)
u Mutton Handiwala
u Mutton Kosha
u Mutton Hariyali
u Mutton Roganjosh
u Mutton Stew


u Veg. Biryani
u Mutton Biryani
u Chicken Biryani
u Yakhni Pulao
u Chingri Pulao

VEG Preparations:
Vegetables   Dal

u Paneer Pasanda
u Kadai Paneer
u Malai Kofta
u Paneer Saagwala
u Paneer Lotika
u Gobi Mussalam
u Patoler Dolma
u Mochar Ghonto
u Shukhto


u Bhaja Moong Dal
u Cholar Dal with Coconut
u Chana Masala
u Ghugni (Veg./Non Veg.)


Dishes can be made Milder and Hotter on specific request from patrons. We enjoy giving the best ingredients in our dishes because we believe quality maters in life.